Between the Past and the Present

Since 2012, MDM PELAGIC has specialized in the canning of sardines and mackerel in Tan Tan, a city in southern Morocco known for its fishing port and abundance of fish resources.
MDM PELAGIC is equipped with modern facilities and has been able to meet the requirements of the world market and international quality standards, establishing itself as a reference unit in the Private Label sector in Europe.


Our main assets


Quality raw materials

Our canned and frozen products are made from fresh fish delivered each morning. Carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards, the canned fish is prepared by hand, whole or fileted, to ensure the best presentation.

Modern Equipment

At MDM PELAGIC, we combine modern equipment with high production capacity, meeting the international requirements, with the expert and agile hands of our employees. In order to guarantee the best presentation of our products.

Efficient Supply Chain

In order to constantly improve our supply chain, and in accordance with the quality standards, we have established numerous partnerships with maritime and land transport companies.


To offer healthy and quality food to our customers

The excellence of MDM PELAGIC products is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We select the best fish to offer excellent products with an incomparable taste.

All MDM PELAGIC products are subjected to meticulous controls at each stage of production to ensure that the results meet international quality standards. Because our ambition is to always offer products with high quality to our customers and collaborators.



Including more than 900 operators and 80 technical agents, MDM PELAGIC is composed of multidisciplinary teams.

Each member of our teams is constantly trained in the modern management practices.

Our team is inherent to the modern cannery, freezing and quality management of the pelagic sector, whether in Morocco or Internationally.

At MDM PELAGIC, we mobilize each of our collaborators, our resources and our environment in our social commitments aiming at improving the conditions of our employees and the members who work unceasingly to guarantee the good course of the processes of our units.